I am a co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Zookal, a venture backed Australian education company which has disrupted the Australian textbook market through the rental model.

I’m a recipient of the University of Technology Sydney’s Young Alumni Award.

I have a great passion for technology, and have worked on many applications within the online and mobile spaces along with emerging areas such as in virtual reality and neuroscience.

My goal is to create something amazing that will leave a mark on the world and I am constantly looking out for opportunities to do so.






4 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Nicholas Avatar

    Are you able to relink to the config files for motion and voice controlled Skyrim? Pretty please? Otherwise, can you email them?

    Thanks, Nick

    1. chrisjz Avatar

      Hi Nicholas, I’ve re-linked the FAAST and Shoot config files. 🙂

      1. Nicholas Avatar

        Thank you, you are a champion.

  2. agarg21292 Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    Are you able to discuss how you integrated the EPOC with the Oculus Rift?
    1. How did you get the game (Unity, I assume) engine to receive data from the EPOC?
    2. Did you create the training algorithms yourself, and can you share?
    3. How are you accessing the raw EEG data of the EPOC?


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